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Current Students – Pandemic Information 
June 22, 2018 – Contract extension.

Affiliated Schools

The following is a partial listing of schools operated by Grandmaster Lee’s students.
Lee’s Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center – Shreveport, LA (Master Glenn Guerin & Sifu Sheila Guerin)
Wu Yi Shaolin Martial Arts Center – Coppell, TX (Sifu Henry Su & Sifu John Su)
Lost Track Kung Fu – Atlanta, GA (Sifu Mark Warner)
North Carolina – Circle’s Center (Wu Tai Chi – Sifu Saleem Alamudeen)
Iron & Silk Kung Fu Club – Bradenton, FL
West Gate Kung Fu School – Boulder, CO (Sifu Adam Reed)
Eternal Arts Kung Fu – Vancouver, WA (Sifu Eric M. Emert & Sifu Eric L. Emert)