Class Schedule

Guide for New Students

Code of Ethics

— Martial School Etiquette

— Visiting other schools or teachers

  1. Attend classes regularly. It helps form good habits and build a firm foundation.
  2. Patience and perseverance are part of your martial arts training. Do not try to learn too much at one time.
  3. Be consistent in your attendance.
  4. Refrain from eating one hour before class.
  5. Understand the Code of Ethics. This is an important part of the culture of the Chinese martial arts.
  6. You are the school. Your behavior, support and participation in the activities of the school determine the school’s growth. The success of the school depends on you paying your dues on time.
  7. Wearing your uniform in class is a symbol of your readiness for your class. It indicates you are leaving other concerns of your everyday life outside of the school.
  8. Set reasonable short-term goals for yourself. As you progress mentally and physically, set higher and higher goals.
  9. You must pay your dues whether you attend class or not. You can only be released from your commitment if you move away from the Metroplex area or are released by a letter from your doctor.