Our Children’s Martial Arts class is an action packed class that is fun and challenging for ages 5½ – 11. Your child will not just learn traditional Kung Fu, but discipline, self-control, respect and perseverance. Your child will walk away with a new confidence in themselves and a desire to reach goals not only in their Martial Arts training, but in their school and other activities. Master Lee teaches the children how to focus on the task at hand to calm the mind and steady the heart in their everyday life that will reach beyond their childhood.



Training in Martial Arts is a great skill to learn at any age, especially a young age. Martial Arts is not only physically dynamic it is mentally challenging too, a total learning aspect of mind & body all at once. There are so many excellent reasons to learn Martial Arts. We have found parents come for very specific reasons when they are enrolling their children and they quickly realize not only does their child improve in the one area they were hoping they also flourish in others too. Many times the whole family joins and everyone learns together!

Martial Arts is great for: Improved Focus, Memory, Self Confidence, Self Control, Decision Making, Respect & Discipline, Persistence & Goal Setting, Fitness & Weight Loss, Positive Social Interaction, Anti – Bullying, Self Defense, Team Work and the list goes on.

Join us and train with the best Dallas Martial Arts School!


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