My Jhong Law Horn Style is traditional Chinese Kung Fu which encompasses jumps and long-range techniques to form a precipitous attack so that the opponent has no chance to even get close. My Jhong is highly deceptive and incorporates speed, agility and power. While learning this Martial Arts style there is development in stamina, coordination, speed, flexibility, endurance and discipline.


Training in Martial Arts is a great skill to learn at any age. Martial Arts is not only physically dynamic it is mentally challenging too, a total learning aspect of mind & body all at once. There are so many excellent reasons to learn Martial Arts. We have found parents come for very specific reasons when they are enrolling their children and they quickly realize not only does their child improve in the one area they were hoping they also flourish in others too. Many times the whole family joins and everyone learns together!

Martial Arts for Adults at any age is possible with significant benefits. It is never too late to begin! Martial Arts classes are fun, empowering and provide a great workout and mental exercise. While learning Martial Arts you learn how to defend yourself, increase your fitness stamina, weight loss, self – confidence builder with achievable goals and make new friends along the journey to Black Belt. If you are on the competitive side there are tournaments you can participate in and compete in forms or sparing.
Martial Arts is great for: Improved Focus, Memory, Self Confidence, Self Control, Decision Making, Respect & Discipline, Persistence & Goal Setting, Fitness & Weight Loss, Positive Social Interaction, Anti – Bullying, Self Defense, Team Work and the list goes on.

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