Fu Style Pa Kua: Introduction

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Grand Master Johnny Kwong Ming Lee

In the early twentieth century, Grand Master Fu Zheng Song brought Fu Style Pa Kua from Beijing to Southern China. Later, in 1966, his disciple, General Sun Paul Kung accepted the Hong Kong Chin Woo Association’s invitation to start a Pa Kua class. There, it became the main source of Pa Kua in Hong Kong.

General Sun was a very important dignitary in his time. In Canton he was the Military Governor after World War II. Hearing of Fu Zheng Song’s prowess, he took private lessons from Fu Zheng Song, and gave him a private car with a chauffeur. Fu accepted General Sun as his disciple, and once told him that when he passed away, that General Sun’s Pa Kua would becoming the living model of the Fu Style to the rest of the world.

Fu knew many styles aside from Pa Kua. His first internal training came from Chen Style Tai Chi, which he learned directly from Chen Ye Sze. The foundation of Fu’s Ox Tongue Palm of Pa Kua is quite similar to that of Chen Tai Chi’s Roof Tile Palm. Later he learned Pa Kua from Chia Ching Ta, who was the disciple of the founder of Pa Kua, Master Tung Ha Chuan. Fu also furthered his study in Pa Kua in Beijing, with Master Ma Qui. In 1929, Fu, with four other famous masters, went to Canton to pass on the knowledge of his rare internal art. He and his contemporaries were soon called the Five Northern Tigers.

Grand Master Fu created lightning palm by combining Pa Kua with Tai Chi choreography. Grand Master Fu incorporated General Lee Ching Lam’s Wu Dong sword form with Pa Kua sword form to evolve into Fu’s Flying Dragon Sword. He is also the founder of Fu’s Tai Chi. The Pa Kua forms he taught General Sun were the originals he learned from his teachers, Jia Ching Ta and Ma Qui. Because of General Sun’s status as a disciple, he directly learned Pre-Natal Palm, Original Orthodox Palm, Dragon Palm, Pa Kua Push hand Set, and the weapons forms. He did not have to learn the preliminary Pa Kua forms the students are usually put through, such as Tiger Form, Panther Form, Yin Pa Kua, Yang Pa Kua, and so on.


Grand Master Johnny Kwong Ming Lee learned from General Sun in his first class in 1966, and in 1974 brought his style of Pa Kua to the United States. Before Grand Master Lee arrived, nobody had known of this style. Pa Kua Journal listed Grand Master Lee as one of the two best known Fu’s Pa Kua Grand Masters in the USA.