Lee's White Leopard Kung Fu School

6757 Arapaho Rd. #753
Dallas, TX 75248-4073
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  • White Leopard Kung Fu (白 豹 馆) School began in September 1958 when Johnny Lee started learning My Jhong Law Horn Kung Fu (迷 踪 罗 汉) from Grandmaster Yip Yu-Ting in Hong Kong.

  • All classes are taught by Grand Master Johnny Kwong Ming Lee, one of only ten 10th Degree Black Belts recognized by the World Kung Fu and Wushu Masters Association.  

  • We offer classes in My Jhong Law Horn Kung Fu (迷 踪 罗 汉), Wu Tai Chi Chuan (吴式太极拳), and Fu Style Pa Kua Chang (傅式八卦掌).  

    • Year of the Rat Celebration

      Year of the Rat Celebration

      The Lunar New Year of the Rat began on January 25th, and our annual Lunar New Year Banquet and Kung Fu demo was held Saturday, February 15th with over 400 people in attendance. Entertainment included live music, Kung Fu and Tai Chi demos from our own...

    • Black Belt Test

      Black Belt Test

      The Lee’s White Leopard Family welcomed 6 new black belts from 3 schools on December 14, 2019....

    • 2019 Kung Fu Camp

      2019 Kung Fu Camp

      Our Year of the Pig Kung Fu Camp was held June 21 – 23, 2019. This year, Grand Master Lee and Grand Master Marr were joined by Grand Master Raymond Wong from Los Angeles who taught an advanced Law Horn form. Grand Master Marr taught a two-perso...

Team White Leopard

The most talented and gifted students at Lee's White Leopard Kung Fu represent the school by joining Team White Leopard. Led by Black Belts Alex Campolo, Jarret O'Shea, and Allison Campolo, the demo team performs electrifying martial arts exhibitions and traditional lion and dragon dance for a variety of occasions. Team ...

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